Personnal Projects

My first project in Unreal Engine 4, based on the awesome P.T. demo on PS4. 
I simply wanted to make this project as similar as possible to the demo.
It took 2 and a half months to complete, 3 days a week.
Based on the last scene of the movie Saving Private, I recreated the village the allies needed to defend.
This project took way to long to complete because I was working full time elsewhere.

Ramelle - Saving Private Ryan

The forgotten town

The nature took over us and here is what is left from this little town, now in the middle of nowhere.

It took about 3 months to do, not at full time. It was originaly supposed to be set in a gore and darker environnement, then after numerous changes, I decided to take another path, wich is obviously much brighter and more vivid.

Larsic Village

​Here is My Second project I made in UDK. I was digging for the first time into the more serious things of level designing. I was testing the landscape as well as lighting. The setup was designed to be a very small town along the moutains.  There was no real context to the scene so the scene itself doesnt tell a story...sadly :(

The Lost Station

​This first project I made was simply to test for the first time UDK. I used a lot of UDK packages to fill the scene, except for the  fuel station, the roads and the big advertising pannel. I was pretty happy with the result, for someone who never touched this software before.

Travail de texture session 3

2048x2048 diffuse,spec,normal